Terms and Conditions


By submitting your payment information through our website and accepting the Booking Details and Quoted Rate for a Rental Property in a RENTAL STATEMENT generated by our website or sent via e-mail by Modern Life, Inc (hereinafter Modern Life), you (the RENTER) agree to enter into a RENTAL AGREEMENT with Modern Life, accept all charges described in such RENTAL STATAMENT and agree to abide to all of the following Rental Policies:

PRIVATE PROPERTY: All our homes are privately owned property, as opposed to a hotel, resort or the like. The amenities available on the property are described in the property description on the Modern Life website. Modern Life acts on behalf of the Property Owners we represent as a facilitator to provide accommodation services only.

RENTAL CONFIRMATION: No rental is confirmed until Modern Life acknowledges receipt of at least 50% of the total amount agreed in the Rental Statement.

DEPOSIT AND PAYMENTS: 50% of your reservation is due within 24 hours of your reservation. Balance is due 30 days prior to check in date.

PAYMENT FORMS: Credit cards (American Express, VISA, MasterCard), electronic checks (US banks only) or wire transfers. RENTER’s credit card provided will be charged automatically unless other payment arrangements are made. Before submitting payment, please review your reservation and make sure all the information including check in and check out dates are correct.

CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION: No rental will be confirmed without a valid credit card in file, regardless of the method of payment chosen. RENTER understands and consents to the use of the credit card provided without original signature on the charge slip, that an email of this agreement will serve as an original, and that this Credit Card Authorization cannot be revoked and will not terminate until 90 days after the rental is vacated.

RETURNED CHECKS: RENTER agrees to pay a $50 fee for every returned/bounced check issued to Modern Life.

CANCELLATIONS: Should the RENTER wish to cancel a reservation, notice of cancellation MUST BE SENT IN WRITING AND RECEIVED BY MODERN LIFE AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR TO CHECK IN DATE. For cancellation notices received at least 30 days prior to check-in, all funds paid by RENTER will be refunded by Modern Life, less a $25 cancellation fee and the booking fee. If the RENTER’s notice of cancellation is received less than 30 days prior to the check-in date, renter will forfeit the ALL SUMS PAID. If Modern Life is able to re-rent the property to another guest, Modern Life will refund RENTER based on the actual proceeds. RENTER accepts that re-renting the property might yield lower rental rates than the original reservation. RENTER agrees that it is up to Modern Life’s sole discretion to offer discounts or other terms to prospective guests in order to facilitate re-renting the property. Booking fees are non-refundable.

CANCELLATIONS DUE TO LACK OF PAYMENT: Modern Life reserves the right to cancel any unpaid reservation within 24 hours after the due date, and to cancel any partially paid reservation when the balance is not paid within 72 hours of the due date or at the check-in date. If a reservation is cancelled due to lack of payment, RENTER forfeits all sums paid.

CHECK IN AND CHECK OUT: The rental period begins at 4:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and terminates at 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure, unless prior arrangements have been made and confirmed in writing by Modern Life. Un-authorized early check ins or late departures will incur an extra charge of a full nightly rate. The properties are professionally cleaned and inspected before and after each rental to ensure that all RENTERs have a clean comfortable stay. Please be thoughtful of renters who may be checking in on the same day that you checkout. Once RENTER has checked into the property and he/she has been granted access, RENTER accepts the condition, size and configuration of the Property in as/is where/is condition.

EARLY DEPARTURE: There are no refunds for early departure.

MAINTENANCE: RENTER must inform Modern Life as soon as possible about any stoppage of utilities or dysfunctional appliances, such as water heater, washer, dryer, refrigerator, ovens or any defects in the electrical and plumbing system as well as roof and windows. All maintenance issues must be reported directly to our office. Non-emergency maintenance issues reported after 6:00 PM may not be addressed until the following morning.

RENTER RESPONSIBILITY: RENTER accepts responsibility to properly maintain the Rental Property during occupancy and agrees to pay for any breakage, damage, or loss caused by renter or visitors of renter during occupancy, other than normal wear and tear.

ACCIDENTAL RENTAL DAMAGE PROTECTION: This plan provides protection up to the amount of coverage per stay and is valid for the entire stay. With this plan, you and your traveling companions will not be obligated to pay for certain damages to the rental unit you occupy.  And, the cost and repair of covered accidental damage will be handled between the rental property manager and the insurance company. The following is not covered:

  1. Intentional acts of a guest and traveling companions;
  2. Gross negligence or willful conduct;
  3. Any loss, if a guest or traveling companions do not take reasonable and prudent measures to protect the residence;
  4. Any loss, if the guest does not report the damage to residence rental management staff by the time of vacating the residence;
  5. Normal wear and tear;
  6. Theft without forced entry;
  7. Damage or loss caused by any pet or other animal that was not allowed onto the premises under the Rental Agreement.

Coverage Details: Up to $1,500 worth of damages.

SECURITY DEPOSIT Certain rentals, especially those over thirty nights may require an additional security deposit. The security deposit is due two days prior to the check in date and is usually not charged but simply an authorized hold on renter’s credit card account.

DEPOSIT RETURN Any remainder of the security deposit will be returned to renter within 14 (fourteen) days following renter’s vacating the rental property after all terms and conditions of this agreement are satisfied, minus any costs to repair, extra cleaning or replace any damage or loss to the Rental Property or the contents thereof. Modern Life may retain all or part of the deposit for compensation for any damage or violation of the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. If renter cancels less than 30 calendar days before check-in, renter will forfeit the security deposit.

KEYS AND GARAGE OPENERS: RENTER will receive one door key and garage opener (where applicable) for all doors and gates upon check-in. All keys and garage openers are to be left on the kitchen countertop upon departure. There is a $50 fee for each lost key and a $100 for each los garage opener.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: The overnight rental property maximum occupancy is listed in the property description. Daytime maximum occupancy shouldn’t exceed twice the overnight maximum occupancy. In the event that the daytime or overtime maximum occupancy be exceeded without previous written consent from Modern Life, Modern Life will charge the RENTER’S credit card a minimum $500 fee per incident and reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement immediately.

NO PETS AND NO ASSISTANCE ANIMALS: Because of shared spaces and health implications concerning allergies Pets and Animals are not allowed in the rental property. RENTERs who bring a pet or animals without written approval by the HOST will forfeit ALL SUMS PAID and their security deposit and may be evicted from the property. The renter agrees that for every violation of this clause HOST will charge a minimum $500 cleaning fee to renter’s security deposit. If no deposit has been provided RENTER agrees to pay the cleaning fee to HOST.

NO SMOKING: Smoking is not allowed in or around any of our rental property. RENTER agrees that for every non-smoking violation Modern Life will charge a minimum $500 cleaning fee of renter’s security deposit or credit card in file.

SPECIAL CAUTION WITH ALL FIREPLACES The use of a fireplace requires extra caution. RENTER agrees to make himself familiar with the location and the function of the fire extinguishers before lighting a fire, to make sure the exhaust flute is opened before lighting a fire, to never leave a fire burning unattended and to always switch of the gas valve completely after using the fireplace. In case of an emergency call 911. Fireplaces are gas-only No burning of anything other than natural gas in the fireplace is allowed. The fireplace cannot handle wood or other materials under risk of becoming an instant fire hazard. The key to the fireplace’s gas valve has to remain OFF at all times except for when the fireplace is lit. During the times the fireplace is lit the renter must watch the fireplace frequently and closely. Before going to bed or leaving the house the renter must switch the gas valve to off.

FIRE EXTINGUISHER: The rental property is equipped with at least one fire extinguisher, which is stored in the kitchen cabinet or/and in the closet area. Renter agrees to make himself familiar with the location and the function of the fire extinguishers.

NO FILM OR PHOTO SHOOTING There is absolutely no film, professional photo shooting or related activities as model castings, make-up, or production meetings permitted on the premises of the property without Modern Life’s prior written consent. RENTER authorizes Modern Life to charge a minimum $2,500 fee per incident.

CLEANING SERVICE: One cleaning service per week is included in rentals of at least 7 nights or longer. For rentals of less than 7 nights, exit cleaning is an additional mandatory charge. The provided cleaning service is for a maximum of 4 hours of one person labor. If additional time is required, it will be charged at a rate of $40 per hour. The property will be inspected and cleaned on a business day between 11:00 am and 4.00 pm after renter’s departure.

CLEANING GUIDELINES: Throughout his/her stay, RENTER agrees to keep the rental property clean and free of trash, garbage, and other waste; and all pipes, wires, glass, plumbing and other equipment and fixtures in the same condition as upon RENTER’s arrival, reasonable wear and tear the only exception. In order prevent damages to the rental property the RENTER also agrees to abide by the following guidelines:

A.     Please avoid water spillage on the hardwood floor. No floor cleaning with water or any other product other than the wood maintenance cleaner provided by Modern Life. Any water spillage has to be removed immediately. No sharp-edged objects without protection on the hardwood floors. To prevent scratching the floor, do not drag your luggage across the floor.

B.     No sharp-edged or hot objects without protection on the Corian kitchen counter tops. Do not use steel wool, abrasives, or harsh cleansers that may damage the finish. Do not move pots or pans horizontally over the countertop.

C.     For cleaning tempered glass cook top surfaces (CERAN) surfaces follow these steps: Remove grates, wash, wipe with clean water, and dry thoroughly. Please Use nonabrasive, plastic-scrubbing pad on heavily soiled areas. Do not use steel wool, abrasives, or harsh cleansers that may damage the finish. Do not move pots or pans horizontally over the cook top.

D.     Please hang towels onto towel hooks, towel bars or store them in the closet when dry. Do not use towels for anything that might damage or stain them permanently as for example: house cleaning, make-up removal, shoe cleaning or leaving them on the floor. Damages towels will be charged at $25 per item.


A.     RENTER and his/her guests will observe all conditions and terms of this agreement as to maintaining the rental in good order and appearance and will conduct themselves in a manner inoffensive to neighbors. RENTER agrees to not undertake any activities which could interfere with their neighbors’ right to quiet enjoyment of their property.

B.     Any RENTER who violates any of the terms of this Agreement shall be immediately denied occupancy and shall remedy any damages or other expenses, which are caused by the RENTER and/or the RENTER’s companions.

C.     RENTER agrees that any tenant who is found using drugs or allows others to use drugs on the premises will be immediately denied continued occupancy at these premises.

D.     RENTER and/or their RENTERs shall not disturb, annoy, endanger, or inconvenience neighbors, nor use the premises for any unlawful purposes, nor violate any law or ordnance, nor commit waste or nuisance on or about the premises.

E.      Quiet time is between 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. Please respect these hours for everyone’s enjoyment.

F.      Parties and loud music are strictly prohibited and grounds for immediate eviction.

G.     Any of the following is not permitted inside the rental property: Grilling, barbecue, open fire, fire crackers, fireworks, incense sticks, lighting candles without a functioning candle holder and similar items.

RENTER’S LIABILITY: RENTER agrees to properly use and operate all furnishings, including electrical and gas appliances, plumbing fixtures, electronic home entertainment systems, fireplace and all other items provided during the stay. Renter agrees to accept liability and compensate Modern Life for any damages caused to the property (other than normal wear and tear) by RENTER or RENTER’s guest, including, but not limited to, landscaping, additional housekeeping required and misuse of appliances, furniture and equipment. Modern Life will notify the renter of the costs of all necessary repairs as soon as possible, in most cases within 14 (fourteen) days of the renter’s departure and, unless agreed otherwise, the cost will be charged to the RENTER’s credit card in file.

UNREPORTED DAMAGES AND CLEANING ISSUES: Please report any damage, missing inventory items or cleaning issues noticed upon arrival to Modern Life immediately. If damage or cleaning issues are not reported by RENTER within the first day of your arrival (or by the next morning if check-in was late at night), your credit card may be charged for the cost of the repair. RENTER also agrees to report all general maintenance issues timely so the unit can be kept in good repair.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES: The following circumstances may cause additional charges to the RENTER if found liable:

(1)    Damage to the unit or its content including stains in upholstery, towels and linens that cannot be considered normal wear and tear and result of proper usage, as well as spots, stains and scratches on the floor, rugs, walls or furniture.

(2)    Missing items upon the inventory check. This includes, but is not limited to, transferring items to other units.

(3)    Re-arranged furniture.

(4)    All debris, garbage and discards not placed in proper containers.

(5)    Soiled dishes not placed in the sink or dishwasher upon departure

(6)    Body grime and suntan oils left in bath tub or shower, which could have been rinsed out at the time of use.

(7)    All other circumstance that require extra cleaning time. The unit should be left in neat condition and ready to be sanitized.

(8)    Exceeding the maximum occupancy of the unit.

(9)    Evidence of smoking in the unit. Minimum $250 fine per incidence.

(1)    Unauthorized purchases of Movies and TV programs.

FORCE MAJEURE: There may be circumstances beyond the control and contemplation of Modern Life, in which the property might not be available for renter’s occupancy. Examples of these include (but are not limited to) destruction of or severe damage to the property. In the event of Force Majeure, Modern Life will attempt to make alternative arrangements for renter where possible. If this is not possible, or if the alternative arrangements are not acceptable to renter following common sense, Modern Life will refund all monies paid. This will be the full extent of our liability to you in such circumstances, and we will not be responsible for any other costs connected with any such cancellation, howsoever arising.

LIABILITY RELEASE: The renter agrees and does hereby release from liability and to indemnify and hold Modern Life and / or property owner harmless. This release is for any and all liability for any personal injuries (including death) and/or any property losses or damage occasioned by, or in connection with any activity or accommodation related to the lease of the rental property. Any legal disputes arising under this agreement shall be mediated through arbitration and subject to the rules of the American Arbitration Association at the branch office closest to Venice, California.