The Getty Center



The Getty Center is an expansion of the original Getty Museum in the Pacific Palisades, now the Getty Villa. With over 1.3 million visitors a year, it is one of the most visited museums in America.

The collection includes paintings, sculptures and decorative arts from Europe and America from medieval times to the present, arranged roughly by era and the artist’s nationality in galleries that span four pavilions.

The North Pavilion presents paintings dating up to 1600, as well as medieval and Renaissance sculpture and decorative arts.

The East Pavilion features primarily 17th-century Baroque art, including Dutch, French, Flemish, and Spanish paintings, as well as sculpture and Italian decorative arts dating from 1600 to 1800.

The South Pavilion houses 18th-century paintings and the majority of the Museum’s European decorative arts collection, complete with elaborately furnished paneled rooms, dating up to 1800.

The West Pavilion features sculpture and Italian decorative arts of the 1700s through 1900, as well as 19th-century paintings. Neoclassical, Romantic, and Symbolist sculpture and decorative arts are also on view.

And if you need a break between galleries, you can just go outdoors. The view of the city is worth alone a visit. On a clear day you can see all the way from Catalina to downtown. And because of its extensive garden and the Children’s Shop it is the perfect place to go with kids.



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